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about Judah Raine farmI grew up as a simple farm girl in the amazingly beautiful South African Eastern Cape/Border area, loving the wide open spaces and the feel of the earth beneath my feet. Still today, some of my favourite things are the gentle dawning of a new day, the smell of freshly turned earth, and the joy of nature in all its wonderful, intricate, simple yet complex beauty. These are as integral to the Judah Raine today as they were to that farm kid growing up with dreams and aspirations and a gazillion books rattling about in her head.

Aside from a degree majoring in English and Communications, with Psychology thrown in as a submajor (it seemed like a good idea), I learned extensively in the school of hard knocks. Through adversity, struggle, tragedy, catastrophe, and illness, I’ve learned to laugh and to love life. While I would never wish for the difficulties, I believe they have made me a better person – more empathetic and less arrogant, quicker to give thanks and slower to complain, one who finds joy in family and true friends, in the little, crazy, funny things that make life worthwhile. I’ve learned that life is about living.

It’s about piecing the patchwork of life…

More often than I care to count, I’ve found myself at a place of ‘starting over’ and having to piece my life back together. We have to learn to work with what we have, not what we wish we had. But each experience, good or bad, has something to teach us. It’s a piece in the fabric of who we are. Each piece is unique, with its own blend of colour and memory, and together, they make up a whole that is as diverse and extraordinary as life itself.

Writing has always been my first love. From as far back as I can remember, books were my friends. They opened doors to new worlds and spurred the imagination to reach beyond the ‘here’ moment all the things life has to offer. With time, this spilled over into the new discovery of editing, and I now work from home as a freelance editor and cover artist for various publishers and independent authors. For me, it’s the best of both worlds that plays to my love of words and the pictures they paint and stories they tell. I live my dream, having ‘done my time’ in conventional employment. Between work projects, I am able to work on crafting my own books and giving voice to the still limitless stories in my head. It’s about the closest I could come in this life to having it all.

about Judah Raine my gardenMy life is all about creativity…

Beyond my world of words, I love gardening and handcrafts – both of which are immensely creative. I dabble with other creative things I’ve always wanted to try. The only place where I’m creatively challenged is the kitchen, but I’ve long since stopped worrying about that. I am who I am, and I’m comfortable with that. My family and friends simply smile, and my rescue ‘child’ really doesn’t care. She loves me as I am. From my side, I think she’s she’s the cleverest ‘wild child’ in the world. All in all, it’s a good fit, and in my world, things are Write as Raine..